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Aloha and Welcome to Peach Shells Hawaii.


 PEACH SHELLS HAWAII upholds a relaxed elegance

inspired by the beauty of the beach - A Resort Luxury.

All jewelry pieces are handmade , handcrafted and hand-textured using

14Karat Gold / 14Karat Gold Filled and /or Sterling Silver materials.


Every coral , shell , pearl and semi-precious stone are unique in its shape and color ,

thus giving each piece its individual character as

no two pieces are identical.

All pieces are handmade on the Big Island of Hawaii with "ALOHA" .



Mahalo for visiting

Peach Shells Hawaii.


*Made with ALOHA*

14Karat Gold / 14Karat Gold Filled / Sterling Silver をベースに、




ハワイ島よりひとつひとつ ”ALOHA” を込めて作った


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